Meet Kai

Future of gesture control

Whether it's designing, video editing or gaming,
Kai adds a whole new dimension to your control,
making your interactions easy, intuitive and fun.

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Kai lasts over 8 hrs and weighs around half a pound making it easy for you to carry around and use it all day and every day. Its slim band like design makes it easier to fit into your pocket, pouch or backpack.


Kai pairs using Bluetooth connectivity with your device. With the bundled Kai Control Center application, you can virtually use Kai with any of your favorite applications or games.

Intuitive Gestures

Kai tracks your fingers and wrist movements effortlessly. It is designed to adapt to your gestures over time making it more intuitive and easy to use over time.


Using the Kai control center, you can pair your favorite gestures to do the things you want in your favorite applications. Making your workflow more efficient, intuitive and productive.


Cortex M4F based


4 Fingers + 9 DOF

Battery Life

Upto 8 hours


< 1mm


BLE Certified


< 10 ms


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